IBM Announces MQSeries Omnipresence

On the heels of its MQSeries 5.1 for the AS/400 announcement in June, IBM says it plans to offer a specialized version of the MQSeries information infrastructure that will target the mobile device market.

IBM is calling this mobile messaging software MQSeries Everywhere. The key to MQSeries Everywhere is the product's connectivity to IBM's mobile database, known as DB2 Everywhere, which is currently in the works and is expected to facilitate the linking of handheld devices to corporate servers, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

This integration of MQSeries and DB2 will help companies build extensions of their enterprise applications and equip their personal digital assistants with more than simply calendars and e-mail, according to Rob Lamb, IBM's MQSeries business unit executive.

MQSeries Everywhere is expected to be available in two sizes--a 50K version and a 200K version. The larger version will include software that can store and queue messages when a handheld device is not connected to the corporate network, Lamb says.

--L. Greenemeier

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