Orcom Incorporates Outlook Technology into Data Conversion

When comes to data, you can--and must--take it with you. Realizing this essential truth in the world of IT management, Orcom Solutions (Bend, Ore.) has chosen FileTrack by Outlook Computing (Deerfield, Ill.) as part of Orcom's data conversion strategy when converting new customers to its AS/400-based software systems.

FileTrack will enable Orcom to migrate data for customers implementing their AS/400 software products. The company's Enterprise Customer Information System (E-CIS) includes a suite of solutions for customer service, billing, remittance processing and collections management, e-business, marketing and specialized billing.

Orcom plans to use FileTrack as part of Outlook's FileTrack Business Partner Program, created for software developers and system integrators to allow partner organizations to use Outlook's system for in-house and client-site conversions.

Outlook designed FileTrack to give structure to conversion projects. The system acts as a conversion command center, giving the user a central location to complete all conversion work. FileTrack's intuitive data mapping options enables the user to define how data will be moved from one set of files to another. Data can be converted by selecting it from a list of files on the user screen. The system also lets users group multiple files (along with non-FileTrack commands) into a job called a conversion stream.

Orcom will use FileTrack to "help reduce the time spent on customer data conversions," according to company spokesman Tom Schwab. In addition to automating a number of conversion tasks, Schwab reportedly believes FileTrack can help Orcom by allowing the reuse of models from completed conversions when processing new conversion projects.

--L. Greenemeier

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