Business Tool Reduces Risks, Maximizes Investment Value and Delivers Total Cost of Ownership for SAP BW

HP’s new Impact Analysis for SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) is a customized business tool that shows companies how to integrate SAP BW within their SAP R/3 and data-warehousing environments. This value-added tool enables BW customers to accurately predict the resources needed for a successful BW deployment, reduces implementation risks and maximizes SAP BW and R/3 investments.

The program includes the following activities: assessment of current data-warehouse architecture and business environments to identify how best to position SAP BW within a customer environment; description of how SAP BW can complement current data-warehouse architecture to provide optimal operational and analytical reporting; delivery of a plan for integrating BW into a customer's current and projected data-warehouse architecture; identification of the total cost of ownership associated with procuring, deploying and maintaining the SAP BW system; and a two-week program timeframe. Completion of these program activities leads to a recommendation of the appropriate HP platform required for the various database and application servers for a successful implementation of SAP BW.

HP is working with select systems integrators to offer and implement HP Impact Analysis for SAP BW. ESI Enterprise Solutions (Minneapolis, Minn.), a specialized ERP integrator with a core competency in SAP and SAP application extensions with BW, is the first qualified systems integrator to partner with HP on this business tool.

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