E-Business Consulting Services Promote Trust

In an effort to ease the security concerns of consumers, IBM announced a number of consulting services designed to help businesses establish the proper privacy policies and systems to build consumer trust.

IBM Global Services’ consulting services delivers a clear plan for privacy readiness with a tool-assisted methodology that shows the steps involved and questions that need to be addressed to set up the right privacy policies.

“The growth of electronic commerce depends on trust,” says Gary Roboff, chairman of Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) Research & Planning Steering Committee, which focuses on privacy issues. “These new services can help companies such as banks build that trust and show individuals—the customers of our customers—that they are protected by a thoughtful, comprehensive privacy program.”

The privacy services are designed to address specific customer requirements. The two core elements of the services are a privacy workshop that helps decision-makers identify strategies for responsible handling of customer information and privacy strategy and implementation that helps businesses develop and implement an effective consumer and employee consumer strategy.

--J. Martin

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