Telos Looks Inside for Data Integration Help

When the time came for Telos Corp (Ashburn, Va.) to solve its data integration problems, the company did not have to look far. After examining its options, Telos eventually choose its own Enterworks Inc. subsidiary to fix the problem.

Enterworks' Virtual DB data integration product accesses, integrates, cleanses and transforms data regardless of storage platform, data format or data type. It addresses needs such as implementing data warehouses, migrating data to client/server applications, and accessing and transforming the data wherever it resides. In all, it can integrate data from more than 70 systems, including the AS/400. Virtual DB runs on the following platforms: Sun Solaris, HPUX and AIX.

“Virtual DB allows companies to access information from different servers,” says Lenley Hensarling, senior VP of marketing for Enterworks. “It gives companies a integrated, holistic view of their enterprise.”

Telos, a provider of software for enabling the virtual enterprise, uses two servers--the HP/9000 for its financial and services side and the AS/400 for its manufacturing information. Ed Jankus, Telos' director of technology insertion, says the company had trouble producing a comprehensive accounts payable and accounts receivable report as well as reports on contracts.

By using the Virtual DB integration tool, Telos will now be able to access this information in a timely fashion. Jankus says some of the advantages of Virtual DB are that it provides real-time information and is able to do data conversion so that information looks the same when it comes together from the servers. “It was the best solution out there,” he says. “It provides rapid implementation without us having to create another database. If we had to create another database to put this information, we could have run into some trouble.”

--J. Martin

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