Attachmate Releases Newest Version of Web-to-Host Suite

Looking to provide solutions for companies moving business to the Web, Attachmate has announced the latest version of its e-Vantage suite of products, Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server 2.2.

The newest version now supports all Unix platforms and features increased Java client functionality, providing Web-enabled access to information residing on the AS/400, mainframe and Unix host computers.

With e-Vantage 2.2, customers have the option of Windows NT or Unix servers. This version introduces its Unix-based management console, which runs on any type of Unix, operating system--including Solaris, HP-UX and Linux.

Some of the new features in e-Vantage Host Access Server 2.2 include support for deploying and managing viewers from Unix platforms, SSL security, multi-host and creative Java clients, and available concurrent/shared licensing. Its modular packaging is designed to give companies flexibility to purchase optional products and services for their environments.

e-Vantage Host Access Server 2.2 costs $229 per server, while Standard Viewer costs $203 and Enterprise Viewer costs $455.

-- J. Martin

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