IBM Extends OV/400-to-Domino Services

Despite the support IBM is throwing behind Lotus Domino on the AS/400--illustrated by last week's announcement of the Dedicated Domino server--Big Blue reports it will extend support for OfficeVision/400 to one additional OS/400 release after V4R4.

When IBM first announced V4R4 on February 9 of this year, the company announced this latest release of the operating system would be the last upon which OV/400 was supported. Recognizing the difficulty some AS/400 customers may have migrating their business applications to Lotus Domino, IBM has decided to extend support for OV/400 (5769-WP1 and 5649-WP3).

"This additional release support is intended to assist those customers that are not able to effectively transition to our industry-leading technology within the stated period of time," IBM states in a recent software announcement.

To assist with the upgrade to Domino, IBM began shipment of IBM OfficeVision to Lotus Notes Migration Tools for AS/400 V2 (5697-F08) on April 9. These migration tools are designed to provide the ability to move all mail, calendar, directory data and documents to the Domino environment. Optionally available as an additional feature to the Migration Tools is a document migration and co-existence capability, known as BNDW for AS/400, which permits more extensive management of both established and newly created documents.

--L. Greenemeier

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