IBM Takes Web-to-Host Computing to the Next Level

IBM has added new products and enhancements to the SecureWay host integration family of products to help companies integrate host data into powerful e-business applications. With up to 80 percent of all business data residing on mainframes and other host systems, growing e-businesses need quick, easy and efficient ways to securely extend data to intranet, extranet and Internet users. The IBM SecureWay host integration solution -- including SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4, SecureWay Screen Customizer Version 1 and SecureWay Host Publisher Version 2 -- helps companies quickly and easily bring new life to existing host applications and data with no additional programming.

"Many of our customers have huge amounts of crucial business data sitting on mainframes, and they’re extremely eager to extend that data in new ways to employees, customers and business partners around the world," said Mike McCarthy, Program Director, SecureWay Host Integration, IBM. "The SecureWay host integration solution provides the flexibility to meet the unique needs of users in different environments with minimal effort and expense."

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