Source Recovery’s RESource 2.0

The Source Recovery Company, LLC (SRC) of Framingham, Mass. and Roswell, Ga. introduced RESource 2.0, which it maintains to be five times faster than the previous version. So companies and government agencies that are missing source code may find that they can still recover it in time to complete their Year 2000 projects, using this faster source code recovery service.

SRC President Barry Clapp cautioned that companies that wait much longer may find that the capacity to recover is no longer available. "We can still recover only a finite number of lines of source code," says Clapp. "Based on our experience, we believe that virtually every Fortune 1000 company and every major government agency is missing some source code. The GartnerGroup estimates that the typical company is missing 3 percent to 5 percent of its source code."

SRC has recovered code for more than 120 Fortune 1000 companies, plus the Social Security Administration. When companies are missing source code, their only other options are to rewrite the missing code or to replace the application, both of which are much more costly and too time consuming to complete before the Year 2000. For further information, visit SRC’s Web site at

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