Esker Integrates Fax Automation with Applications

With the announcement that it will make available to AS/400 users the Alcom LanFax Software Developers Kit (SDK), Esker (Stillwater, Okla.) aims to facilitate the integration of fax automation software into enterprise application programs.

Seeing this integration as a necessary, if untapped, area of the enterprise connectivity market, Esker plans to provide Alcom LanFax capability to a variety of applications, particularly those that manage documents for storage, printing and communications.

The SDK is designed to offer developers a point of integration for Alcom LanFax NT with other applications to add automated fax routines into databases, transaction processing systems, document management, imaging and workflow applications. The SDK is accessible to developers using high-level programming languages such as Visual Basic, C/C++ and Visual C++, as well as to developers using scripting languages such as VB Script. This library exposes the programmable fax messaging objects including Alcom LanFax NT phonebook information, fax messages, destination information, attachments and other fax messaging components.

"Companies with in-house developed applications and ISVs can automate the flow of documents in and out of their applications using the SDK," says Chris Norwood, fax product manager for Esker. "With the SDK, the developer can manage the faxing process in the background, presenting a seamless fax interface to the user. The process is easy for the developer, and we’ve included Visual Basic and C++ code samples to simplify the process for the developer."

--L. Greenemeier

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