Dataquest Forecasts Linux Servers over Traditional Servers

Dataquest, a unit of GartnerGroup Inc., estimates that by 2003, Linux servers will account for approximately 24 percent of worldwide server appliance revenue, or $3.8 billion, and 14 percent of server appliance shipments, which translates into 1.1 million units. Linux servers are projected to represent 3.4 percent of worldwide traditional server revenue, or $1.9 billion, and 8.1 percent of traditional server shipments, which translates into 450,000 units by 2003.

"Linux will continue to grow as an operating system deployed on new server hardware, but much of the hype surrounding Linux will fade once Microsoft ships and then delivers a service pack for the Windows 2000 Server," says Kimball Brown, Vice President and Chief Analyst for Dataquest’s Emerging Server Technologies Worldwide program. "However, in the server appliance market, we believe Linux is becoming a credible and favorite operating system used by server appliance vendors."

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