Enterprise and Quadrant Add Fax Support To Jetform Central

Enterprise Resolutions Inc. (Duluth, Ga.) and Quadrant Software (Taunton, Mass.) have teamed up to give JetForm Central AS/400 customers a fax support option with the creation of WizFax.

WizFax links Quadrant's AS/400 fax technology family, FastFax, with JetForm Central for the AS/400, an application designed by JetForm Corp. (Duluth, Ga.) to improve the appearance of e-forms. This link will allow JetForm Central users to automatically send electronic documents and check copies and reports without user intervention. Enterprise Resolutions, an e-forms software developer as well as a distributor for JetForm Corp., assisted in developing the interface to link JetForm Central with Fast Fax.

"We are really excited to be offering WizFax to Quadrant Software and JetForm customers," says Steve Luke, president of Resolutions. "The developers at Resolutions were part of the team that developed the original Quadrant Software/JetForm interface. This was a very successful business for us and we are confident that WizFax will enjoy equal success."

WizFax is available in three packages: as a standalone version in Resolutions' WizPak400 Utility Pak, bundled with Resolutions' Spool Wizard and bundled with Resolutions' PDF Wizard for J.D. Edwards OneWorld product.

Key features available in each package include the capability to: sort large print jobs by user-defined fields; separate large print jobs by individual destinations; pass the most efficient number of pages to FastFax; pass phone number identifiers to FastFax; and distribute internal copies to various printers while simultaneously faxing to recipient.

"One of Quadrant Software's goals is to provide seamless fax solutions to our customers," says Gary Langton, president of Quadrant Software. "Quadrant Software has interfaces to several eforms products, but WizFax fills a huge void in the AS/400 market."

-- J. Martin

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