Lilly Brings Euro Compliance to VISUAL

Responding to customer requests, Lilly Software (Hampton, N.H.) recently announced that its VISUAL Manufacturing ERP/APS system is full euro-compliant. Now, VISUAL Manufacturing customers in European Monetary Union (EMU) member nations can use a euro-compliance option which allows them to modify the base currency of their existing systems.

These enhancements enable users to transact, store and report all accounting transactions in either national or euro currency, and handle rounding.

VISUAL Financial users identify the euro currency in the system and mark national currencies as euro participants, assigning a one-time permanent exchange rate. The rates assigned are used to compute the conversion in accordance with Triangulation, the method of conversion recommended by the European Monetary Union (EMU).

VISUAL Manufacturing converts the one-member national currency to the euro prior to converting it to the other national currency. VISUAL Financials’ Tracking Currency features records and reports transactions in dual or multiple currencies, which accommodates the dual currency requirements of the introduction of the euro.

Tracking euro offers the flexibility to report all accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial data, as well as VAT and Intrasat reports in either currency.

-- J. Martin

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