Candle Extends MQSeries Management Market Dominance

Candle Corporation underscored its market dominance in the MQSeries system management market, pointing to Wintergreen Research’s "Middleware Messaging Markets, Strategic Positioning and Market Forecasts from 1998 to 2003" report that shows Candle has 54 percent market share – more than twice the share of its nearest competitor, BMC. Candle also introduced significant enhancements to its Candle Command Center (CCC) Management Pac for MQSeries, including Tandem platform support and enhanced functionality. The CCC Management Pac family enables users to quickly and automatically detect, correct, and prevent potential problems to reduce development time and critically ensure high-performance application availability.

"The fact that more than half of the MQSeries market relies on Candle for system management support serves as a testament to our expertise in enabling our customers to run their businesses more effectively across the enterprise," said Dave Powell, Vice President, Application Solutions, Candle Corporation. "The move to add Tandem platform support and enhanced functionality to our extensive product suite strengthens Candle’s dominant position in enabling businesses to maximize the performance of their networks."

Candle’s complete line of MQSeries solutions and services provides support from day-one installation to maximizing MQSeries capabilities throughout the enterprise. Candle’s CCC Admin Pac ships in the box with new IBM MQSeries licenses across major platforms. CCC Admin Pac offers users out-of-the-box configuration and monitoring capabilities for MQSeries administration. Users can upgrade from CCC Admin Pac to CCC Management Pac to access a broader range of functionality for industrial-strength MQSeries system management.

To complement its systems management tools for MQSeries, Candle also includes application tool capabilities (PQ Edit) as part of CCC Admin and CCC Management Pac. Additionally, MQSecure offers MQSeries intrusion detection capabilities. Candle complements its product offerings with comprehensive services. Candle has more MQSeries-certified consultants than any company in the world, outside of IBM. As the developers of MQSeries for the Tandem platform, Candle is uniquely positioned to offer systems management for this environment.

The enhanced CCC Management Pac offers new MQSeries support for the Tandem platform, extending Candle’s high-availability system management capabilities to banking and financial users that run their businesses on these fault-tolerant environments. Additionally, both CCC Management Pac and CCC Admin Pac support MQSeries on the following platforms: OS/390, AS/400, Microsoft Windows NT, OS/2, AIX, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX.

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