HP Servers: Low-End Gets High Class

In an ongoing effort to invest and refresh the HP 9000 product liine HP introduced the entry-level L-class series of PA-RISC-based servers. With a choice of PA-RISC2 or IA-64 CPUs, the L-Class server is the first entry-level IA-64-ready server.

The HP 9000 L1000 (one- to two-way) and L2000 (one- to four-way) server architectures, bundled with HP-UX1 11, are the first HP platforms to offer APIs for E-speak, HP's dynamic brokering language for e-services. Also bundled are HP's WebQoS peak usage and management software. Providing 15,206 SPECweb96 and 41.6 SPECjvm98 benchmarks the L-Class's Web performance leads Sun's E450 by nearly 70 percent and leads IBM's H70 by nearly 30 percent. The L-class form factor enables HP to deliver those performance levels in a single, standard 19-inch rack, comparable to two racks of the H70 and three racks of the E450.

The L-Class servers simplify the deployment, transition and management of Internet solutions with the fastest, error-free time-to-Web deployment and flexible financing options. HP EasySelect (www.hp.com/go/lclass) provides online L-Class configurations aimed at specific business needs, such as e-commerce and ERP, making it faster and easier for customers to architect their solutions.

The HP 9000 L1000 and L2000 server models are scheduled to be available in October. The L1000 starts at $15,975, and the L2000 starts at $21,725.

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