ShowCase Plots a New Strategy

By Ken Deats

ShowCase Corporation (Rochester, Minn.) is shipping its Strategy 3.0 end-to-end enterprise business intelligence suite amid claims that it is the “only … [BI] suite that provides Windows and Web-based ad hoc query, reporting and analytics on the AS/400 platform.”

Enterprise Reporting, a new component of Strategy 3.0, allows users to publish information through a browser enabling a new class of enterprise workers to more quickly access standard reports. Additional enhancements include: Analyzer for the Web that allows users to view and analyze data with customized displays; Relational Assistant that helps users create SQL with a series of dialogs for use with Strategy’s relational solutions; and Audit Report that helps IT staff to monitor usage, performance and process exceptions.

“Strategy is now the only solution that delivers extensive, truly global AS/400 solutions in near-time [for] faster comprehension of more consistent data,” says Roger Bottum, VP of marketing at Showcase.

Pricing for Strategy 3.0 starts at $25,000 per server.

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