Powerware Prestige Keeps AS/400 Up and Running

Power failures that result in the loss of vital data can be a nightmare for any business. Even the AS/400, known for its reliability and outstanding uptime, can be vulnerable to inconsistent power.

Specializing in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Powerware (Raleigh, N.C.) gives AS/400 720, 730 and 740 users an option for preventing lost files whether because of a power outage or a system breakdown, with its Powerware Prestige.

"With the rise of e-business and 24x7 computing demands, companies need to ensure their IT systems are continuously available," says Angelo Ghirelli, AS/400 & RS/6000 UPS SPM with IBM Global Services EMEA. "An important component to ensuring systems are available around-the-clock is a reliable UPS, like Powerware's."

Powerware Prestige is pre-configured for AS/400 systems and comes bundled with AS/400 interface cables. "The customer has a unit that is ready to use out of box," says Eldrina Bramblett, manager of marketing communications for Powerware.

Prestige appears as the pre-approved M/T 9910 UPS for the AS/400 in the AS/400 Configurator, a tool that allows users to identify the products they need to support their AS/400 configurations and system requirements. Its online performance is enhanced by Cell Saver technology, which reduces the need for battery usage by conditioning available power during power sags or brownouts.

"The one thing that sets us apart is product breadth," Bramblett adds. "In addition, the software monitors the environment and predicts when something wrong is going to happen."

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