IBM Launches developerWorks

IBM’s developerWorks is a fast, free, online resource focused on open industry standards and designed to help developers build better software.

developerWorks Open Source Zone, a unique forum for all of IBM’s open source projects, will allow developers to submit changes and fixes to code. In addition, there is now a revamped developerWorks Security Zone that provides more complete information about writing secure code.

In beta since July, developerWorks was built to become the central resource for more than 10 million developers worldwide. It provides product- and platform-independent information for e-business application development. developerWorks provides a rich blend of tools, code, tips, news, tutorials and how-to articles, all based on cross-platform technologies and strategies.

"Because developerWorks is committed to open industry standards, we have built a Web site that can be an honest broker of information, and emerging technologies," says Gina Poole, Director of developerWorks. "Our goal is to help developers cut through information clutter so they can do their jobs more effectively, and build successful e-business applications. The groundswell of support for open source applications like Linux is indicative of the overall trend in the industry. developerWorks Open Source reflects IBM’s commitment."

developerWorks capitalizes on the experience and expertise of more than 100,000 IBM developers worldwide, and leverages IBM’s $6 billion annual investment in research. Developers anywhere, even independents, have access to information and technology previously only available to those within IBM. At the same time, developerWorks brings together valuable data from other industry leaders.

"developerWorks shows IBM’s commitment to the developer community by offering a tremendous amount of information like white papers and preview/beta versions of tools," says Mikael Hansson, consultant with the Application Architecture group at CGI. "There is almost always something new to come back to and review. However, the real pull is the collection of all the different information sources to one easy-to-navigate location."

Based on a public license recently approved by the Open Source Initiative, developerWorks Open Source is designed to become a central repository for all IBM open source projects. The unique thing about developerWorks Open Source is that, beyond just accessing code, developers will be able to suggest changes and fixes to it. All code provided in this zone will have an overseeing body, comprised of developers from both inside and outside IBM who will review any suggested changes to the code. If the overseeing body ratifies the suggestions, the changes become part of the standard for the code.

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