SEAGULL Adapts to Market with J Walk 3.1

By Jim Martin

Responding to market demand, SEAGULL (Alpharetta, Ga.) has expanded the e-business capabilities of J Walk with the latest release. J Walk 3.1 features enhanced and expanded Web-to-host/host-to-Web access and integration capabilities, integrated local printing of spool files accessed over the Web, and many other new features and enhancements designed to improve a customer’s e-business.

An HTTP server has been built into J Walk server, allowing seamless Web deployments for J Walk applications. By managing multiple connections via a single Port 80 HTTP tunneling protocol, the HTTP server allows multiple J Walk e-business applications to run on the same server.

The J Walk Client software now includes smart HTML pages that perform automatic browser and JVM version detection and notification. If an end user attempts to access a J Walk enhanced AS/400 application and has not installed the necessary version of the Java Virtual Machine or browser, J Walk displays a message explaining the version requirements and helps the user get the correct JVM software.

“J Walk server technology has always been ahead of the curve. It was the first three-tier deployment of Java or Windows thin client for AS/400 applications via either NT or native AS/400 servers” says Andre den Haan, SEAGULL director of product strategy. “With each release we raise the bar in this category, not only with features and speed-to-market, but also with a commitment to continual improvement in our communications infrastructure, minimizing network traffic and bandwidth impact to make e-business really happen for our customers.”

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