Joins E-Commerce

AvantGo Inc., a mobile information management company, has introduced an electronic commerce initiative that will allow individuals and mobile professionals to purchase goods and services using handheld devices and smart phones. AvantGo also announced that is the first company to announce it will deliver its e-commerce solution via, a free interactive service on the Web for handheld computers.

In addition to the breaking news, stock portfolio and other personalized information available via, individuals on the go will soon be able to access the interactive service on their handheld devices and smart phones to purchase a wide range of products -- anytime, anywhere. For retailers, AvantGo’s e-commerce initiative offers increasing revenues and distribution-shortening development cycles. With, commerce providers simply develop once and deliver to many Windows CE and Palm Computing platform devices, as well as smart phones.

"By partnering with AvantGo, we are empowering customers to purchase products from their Windows CE and Palm Computing mobile devices anytime, anywhere," says Warren Adams, Director of Product Development of "We only have to develop one application to bring Anywhere to many more mobile device platforms using AvantGo’s interactive service."

"We are excited about our new e-commerce initiative because it represents compelling new offerings to consumers," says Felix Lin, CEO of AvantGo, " is setting a powerful precedent for the industry and we look forward to working with other leading retailers as we provide mobile consumers with a compelling shopping experience from any handheld device or smart phone."

In a wireless or disconnected mode, allows individuals to greatly extend the capabilities and value of their handheld computers and smart phones, based on the Palm Computing platform and Windows CE operating system. Content from hundreds of leading media providers, such as SONY Online, The New York Times, Bloomberg, USA Today and, is available via today. In addition, the service’s intelligent caching and patent-pending compression technology make it possible to move huge amounts of data, while boasting extraordinary user concurrency, uptime and satisfaction.

For more information, visit AvantGo’s Web site at

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