IBM to Acquire DASCOM

IBM has agreed to acquire DASCOM Inc., an industry leader in Web-based and enterprise security technology. The acquisition will further strengthen IBM’s leadership in e-business and security by leveraging DASCOM’s access control technology portfolio and expertise in Internet and intranet security. DASCOM, based in Santa Cruz, Calif., will become a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As companies worldwide network their internal business processes and transition many of their core businesses to the Internet, security has become a critical consideration. DASCOM technologies help businesses safely connect their systems to the Web, securing transactions that span from the Internet to mission-critical corporate systems. The company pioneered the concept of centralized authorization services for network applications.

IDC Research estimates that the market for access control, authorization and administration -- the largest segment of the Internet security market -- will grow 18.3 percent yearly to $3.7 billion in 2003. Access control and authorization provide centralized control over who may access and use a company’s applications, data and other resources via the Web. For a wide variety of Web-based applications -- such as inventory management, portals, customer service and transactions that involve the exchange of money or personal information -- the ability to grant and revoke access to applications and data is critical to e-business security.

DASCOM employs approximately 100 people and has sales and development locations in Santa Cruz, Calif.; Austin, Texas; the United Kingdom and Australia. DASCOM customers include many Fortune 100 companies.

Technology from DASCOM’s flagship product for enterprise and Web-based access control and authorization -- IntraVerse -- is currently offered as part of IBM SecureWay Policy Director and SecureWay FirstSecure, an integrated security solution for e-business. With the addition of DASCOM’s technology and skills, IBM will offer an even greater range and depth of industry leading products for enterprise and Web security.

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