MTX Broadens Twinax and TN5250E Solutions

Through native Twinax connectivity and TN5250E emulation, MTX Inc. (Raleigh, N.C.) has broadened its desktop solutions for midrange host environments with an array of products offering 5250 protocol support. These solutions include native Twinax connectivity and TN5250E emulation across multiple platforms that include MTX Twinax Displays, the 1683 Network Computing Terminal (NCT) and the Visara 410Plus Windows-based terminal.

The 1683 NCT is a thin-client solution providing access to legacy midrange and mainframe hosts through resident TN5250E and TN3270E emulations. MTX has enhanced the functionality of NCT through the addition of native Twinax support and connectivity. This implementation provides plug-and-play replacement for older fixed-function display devices. Using existing twinaxial wiring infrastructure, the 1683 provides immediate midrange host access, along with the enhanced capability to access Windows-based applications and the Internet.

The Visara 410Plus is MTX’s newest product. It offers high performance and functionality through a Media GX processor, multi-session/multi-host access, RDP and ICA protocol support, and integrated host emulations. The resident TN5250E emulation adds support for applications running in System 36/38 and AS/400 environments.

“MTX solutions maximize our customer’s value in their AS/400 systems environments,” says Daniel J. Cody, VP of marketing at MTX. “Through the multiple platforms from which MTX offers 5250 protocol support, the end user has many implementation options, whether it’s thin-client computing or fixed function display devices.”

MTX has 25 years of SNA/3270 and midrange/5250 experience. They have an installed base of over two million desktop devices.

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