AT&T and BT’s Global Concert

AT&T and BT today announced that their new global venture will be called Concert. The name emerged as the most popular choice among business customers, who felt it effectively represented the company’s intended image and operation.

Initially, Concert, which has been the name of BT’s wholly-owned business that provides advanced communications services worldwide, was just one of hundreds we considered, said David Dorman, CEO of the planned company. Our findings revealed that more than three out of four customers believed it best represented the promises our new business wants to convey, and suggested an imaginative, global company working in partnership with their businesses.

The new company, to be owned equally by the two parents, is being built from the ground up to meet the complete global communications needs of multinational companies, carriers, and ISPs.

The "n" in the new Concert logo, highlighted in the company’s tagline, "Global communications simplified to the nth degree," signifies the potential of Concert to exponentially increase its customers’ ability to reap maximum benefit from the opportunities global communications offer.

"Customers worldwide associate AT&T and BT with unsurpassed R&D expertise, trust, reliability and stability," Dorman said. "The endorsement of these two names will play a vital role in helping to communicate the power and credibility of the new company. We are eager to get on with the business of serving customers."

AT&T and BT announced plans to form a global venture in July 1998 to meet the complete global communications needs of multinational companies, carriers and Internet service providers. When launched, the new company will include AT&T’s and BT’s trans-border assets and operations, their existing international networks, their international traffic, their international products for business customers, carriers and ISPs, and their multinational accounts in selected industry sectors.

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