Micromuse and Info Vista to Provide Application Integration

Micromuse Inc. and InfoVista have formed a strategic alliance that will focus on the business needs of the enterprise and service providers. The combined effort of the two companies will focus on integrating the InfoVista product line with Micromuse's NETCOOL software suite, as well as joint marketing and sales.

"There is tremendous synergy between our two companies and products," states Alain Tingaud, Chairman and CEO of InfoVista. "This strategic collaboration capitalizes on our common strengths -- scaleable architectures, real-time management, and our ability to interface to the widest variety of devices. It combines the event monitoring of Micromuse's Netcool suite with the performance management of InfoVista -- the result is a single, real-time and historical solution that spans an organization's immediate operations requirements, ongoing capacity planning and strategic business needs."

The alliance will result in application integration that allows operators to build views of services in real-time as well as in offline mode, helping them manage networks more efficiently and plan for growth, using out-of-the-box and easily customizable reports. Events and alarms generated from InfoVista can be passed immediately to Netcool operators for real-time fault management; and InfoVista reports can be launched on alarm-correlated events from the Netcool console to support fault diagnosis and accelerate service restoration. The Netcool application currently supports more than 120 off-the-shelf interfaces that collect management data from a wide variety of systems and protocols, including voice equipment, servers, Internet devices, computers and applications.

Stefan Szynaka, Director, Service Development at BT North America Inc., says, "Netcool and InfoVista are strategic components of our worldwide networking architecture. We currently have in place a state-of-the-art automated system that enables our customers to easily access and view their network reports from a Web interface. We are very excited about the new strategic relationship between Micromuse and InfoVista and the integration of both event management and performance measurement in a single product."

For more information, visit the Info Vista Web site at, or visit Micromuse at

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