NLynx to Take Advantage of Decision Data Name Recognition

Jim Martin

With mergers and acquisitions becoming the norm, it’s nearly impossible for the public to keep up. Buying into the adage that older is sometimes better, NLynx Systems (Austin, Texas) which acquired Decision Data in May, recently announced that the product identity for both companies has been consolidated under the Decision Data brand name.

“Today we are proud to move our products forward under the well-known Decision Data name, and to re-energize the Decision Data brand by delivering the best midrange and mainframe solutions in the marketplace,” says James P. Robillard, VP of marketing at Nlynx. “Our new logo and product identity mirrors the bold leadership and vision that Decision Data delivers in meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.”

According to Robillard, NLynx market research showed that the name recognition of Decision Data was very high. “When we bought out OmniTerm/e, we wanted to take advantage of Decision Data’s name recognition,” he says.

Introduced in June, OmniTerm/e is an Ethernet terminal that combines all the benefits of a dedicated SNA terminal with industry-standard network connectivity. It connects to virtually any SNA host system, allowing terminal users to access AS/400s, mainframes and Unix from a single workstation.

NLynx Systems Inc. will remain the legal, parent-company name, while all sales, marketing and product development activities will operate under the Decision Data name.

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