Wall Data’s Run Comes to an End

Jim Martin

Several months after undergoing household changes, Wall Data (Kirkland, Wash.)--an AS/400 market fixture for a number of years--has been acquired by NetManage Inc. (Cupertino, Calif.) in a transaction valued at approximately $94 million.

According to NetManage, the combined entity will assist corporations moving to e-Commerce and e-Business solutions. NetManage also expects the acquisition of Wall data to increase its presence in the established desktop host connectivity market, the thin client-to-host market and the Web-to-host market as a single source supplier of connectivity solutions for UNIX, AS/400 and IBM mainframe systems.

“With the acquisition of Wall Data, we are continuing to further our strategy of market leadership while increasing our presence in the new and growing e-Commerce and e-Business market,” says Zvi Alon, president and CEO of NetManage. “We believe Wall Data’s position in the IBM Host Connectivity and Web-to-Host markets will help broaden our product and service offerings for new and existing enterprise customers.”

Consummation of the deal is contingent on the tender of more than 51 percent of Wall Data’s outstanding stock. Unless extended, the offer is expected to commence on October 27 and expire on November 24, 1999.

For Wall Data, the sale marks the end to a tumultuous turn of events over the last few months in which it’s experienced operating losses, the resignation of its founder and their Cyberprise product line being folded and consolidated with its RUMBA product line.

“We believe the combination of Wall Data and NetManage provides the best opportunity to expand our leadership position in the IBM Host Connectivity Market,” says Kevin Vitale, president and CEO of Wall Data. “The strength of Wall data’s RUMBA brand and its support business, combined with its innovative technologies in the thin client and Web-to-host arena, will substantially enhance NetManage’s existing leadership in the host connectivity business.”

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