Anota Java Terminal 2.1

By Jim Martin

Anota Inc. has released Anota Java Terminal 2.1, a client-less Web-to-host solution designed to leverage existing applications for e-business.

According to Anota, the newest release allows companies to Web-enable Web-to-host access for all authorized Web attached systems in less than seven minutes using a 20K Java applet.

“Our Anota Java Terminal quickly and easily extends the reach of corporations to their users, partners and customers,” says Yaron Front, managing director at Anota Inc. “It took us a long time to develop the high-performance hassle-free solution and it really pleases me when I see our clients smiling in disbelief of the simplicity of the install and the high performance.”

Other new features in Anota Java Terminal 2.1 include green screen GUI on the fly, a Web page generator and SSL encryption/authentication that securely presents host data to users across disparate locations and multiple computing platforms.

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