WRQ Open Door Offers Wall Data Customers Risk-free Opportunity

By Jim Martin

Looking to capitalize on the uncertainty surrounding NetManage’s acquisition of Wall Data, WRQ, Inc. (Seattle) has implemented its WRQ Open Door Program. The program allows Wall Data’s RUMBA and Cyberprise customers to receive free WRQ Reflection products and support with no obligation.

“As they see the direction we are moving in, we are confident the long-term value will far outweigh the significant investment we are making,” says Shaun Wolfe, VP of Host Access at WRQ. “We’re looking at this as a long term, multi-year investment.”

Wall Data customers must register on WRQ’s Web site by January 31, 2000 and they will receive the corresponding Reflection product, with the matching number of per-seat licenses. Customers who have a current Wall Data maintenance agreement will receive free maintenance from WRQ for six months.

“Some will install our product right away, but many will use it to keep their options open as they see they see where the NetManage-Wall Data acquisition goes,” says Wolfe. ”It’s a risk-free option.”

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