Electran Corp. Adds to Back-Office Connectivity Products

By Jim Martin

Continuing to expand the breadth of its e-commerce suite, Electran Corp. (Larkspur. Calif.) has announced Electran/UC, a universal connector for integrating IBM’s Net.Commerce to back-office enterprise applications.

Electran/UC uses e-business XML extensions to support universal connectivity. These extension facilitate deployment to e-business connectivity to host based applications via 5250, 3270 or VT100 data streams, JBDC database connectivity or other data transport protocols.

“More companies worldwide are looking to rapidly integrate back-office enterprise applications with new e-business capabilities,” says Christopher Herron, president of Electran Corp. “Electran/UC with the new XML scripting capabilities eliminates the need for Java or C++ coding to enable enterprise application integration (EAI).”

Electran/UC is designed to provide organizations running business applications on midrange and mainframe platforms with an integrated e-business solution using IBM’s Net.Commerce. It enables trading partners and authorized personnel to conduct business using real-time, online transaction management from back-office business applications.

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