IBM Software Speeds Application Development on S/390 Servers

IBM’s S/390 Application Development Solution (S/390 ADS) is a hardware and software offering designed to help S/390 customers develop new e-business applications and modernize mission-critical applications. Benefits of the solution include:

Faster Time to Market. S/390 ADS offers customers an environment that can speed up the time it takes to build, test, and deploy e-business applications.

Lower Cost. S/390 ADS includes a pre-loaded S/390 bundled with the key host and workstation software required to build and test new e-business applications or maintain existing applications.

A "Load and Go" Development Environment. The preloaded and preconfigured S/390 machine allows customers to be up and running in as little as three hours.

More Efficient Build and Test Capabilities. The system is now built with the ability to separate development and testing from the production server, offering a more accurate and efficient test environment and eliminating development dependencies on the server.

IBM's VisualAge development tools provide an integrated set of 'one stop-shop' tools to meet developer needs. IBM also provides the tools to leverage CISC and RISC technologies in an S/390 environment, and helps enable users to build S/390 applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), business integration and business intelligence applications.

IBM's VisualAge tools, as well as WebSphere, MQSeries, CICS and other IBM software, support many of today's industry standards, such as Java, CORBA and XML.

IBM's S/390 ADS provides the availability, scalability and performance that many e-businesses require to remain competitive, and enables customers to quickly build their e-business presence by enabling applications to be extended to the Web. The S/390 ADS allows customers to use existing developer skills and combine workstation development tools with server deployment software, allowing customers to be ready to begin development and testing in as little as three hours.

The S/390 ADS includes the S/390 Multiprise 3000 server and software package, which consists of: S/390 Version 2 Release 7, COBOL, C/C++, CICS Transaction Server, DB2 Universal Database, MQSeries message-queuing software, VisualAge Generator, TME 10 Netview and more than a dozen additional S/390 software development tools. In addition, S/390 ADS also offers an exciting set of workstation tools including: VisualAge COBOL Enterprise Version 2.2, VisualAge for Java Enterprise Version 2.0, WebSphere Studio Version 3.0, VisualAge PL/I Enterprise Version 2.1, VisualAge Interspace Version 6.0 and Personal Communications Version 4.3. With the acquisition of one license for each of the workstation tools, up to 9 additional use authorizations for each of the workstation programs are included, along with communications software to connect the server into existing non-production networks for testing. The S/390 Software and the additional use authorizations for the Workstation tools are licensed for application development only, in an isolated non-production environment.

In addition, the S/390 ADS allows customers to develop and test e-business applications for the S/390 that are isolated from production applications. As a standalone server used solely for development and testing the S/390 Application Development Solution can help eliminate scheduling conflicts and promote efficient application testing.

The S/390 ADS also includes five "quickstart" scenarios -- verified sample applications that help developers get started with their e-business and maintenance applications. There are three e-business scenarios that help customers create intelligent clients for CICS applications, quickly Web enable a 3270 application and create an e-business application that leverages CICS ECI assets. The two maintenance scenarios enable customers to migrate existing applications to new levels and enhance existing applications. In addition, a variety of services are available, including a jump-start, no charge, half-day implementation consultation, to make sure customers get off on the right foot and optimize their development time.

The S/390 ADS will be available on November 26, 1999. Additional information regarding S/390 ADS can be found at

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