New Tool Bridges Data to Workgroups

Typically, workgroups within companies have worked independently of core AS/400 systems, relegated to separate applications and databases on LANs or WANs. A new product may help bridge this gap. Casahl Technology, (San Ramon, Calif.) announced it is shipping a new version of a tool that enables data replication and real-time transaction processing between workgroups and enterprise applications.

Casahl's Replic-Action 6.0 bridges the gap between workgroups and disparate enterprise databases, enabling data exchange between existing applications. Along with database and transaction processing features, this latest version includes support for load balancing, fault tolerance, logging, and scalability features, as well as point-and-click integration that eliminates scripting and programming. The product moves data between desktop and workgroup applications such as Lotus Domino/Notes or Microsoft Office and back-end ERP packages.

"Many of Casahl's customers are AS/400 companies seeking to provide such capabilities to far-flung workgroups," says Dr. Harry Wong, president and CEO of Casahl. "With Replic-Action, users can participate in enterprise applications, rather than getting outdated reports or dead data. There is also built-in support for disconnected, remote users."

One customer, Siecor's Hardware Manufacturing and RD&E site (Keller, Texas) recently deployed Replic-Action to monitor transaction processing activity between end-users and the company's AS/400. "The main reason I selected Replic-Action is the reliability factor," says D'Von Wilson, owner/senior business analyst at Results Consulting (Wellesley Hills, Mass.), who installed the tool for Siecor's. "The application is so mission-critical (more than 25,000 invoices are processed each week) that the server must be operational 100 percent of the time; there is no leeway for downtime." At one point, when Siecor's AS/400 went down, Wilson received 30 messages saying that the on-site staff could not connect to the AS/400. "Unfortunately, no one realized that the AS/400 was down due to a flood in one of the computer rooms. Replic-Action notified me of the problem, and we quickly brought the AS/400 back online."

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