Intentia Adds to its Movex Product Line

By Jim Martin

Adding a high availability solution to its Movex product line, Intentia International AB has joined forces with Vision Solutions.

Through the partnership, Intentia will market a high-availability solution, Movex 7X24, which is based on Vision’s Object Mirroring System (OMS/400) and Object Distribution System (ODS/400) product lines. Movex 7X24 continually mirrors data from Movex’s modules to another AS/400. This way, Movex customers have a fully current backup system that is in parallel with the main system.

“Enterprise application systems demand 24X7 access to information. It’s been said that if you are running a business around an enterprise application system, and your system goes down, you don’t have a business,” says George Bennett, Vision’s managing director of International Sales. “Intentia has clearly recognized this by packaging Vision’s OMS and ODS modules into a high availability solution specifically for its Movex users.”

OMS/400 and ODS/400 provide fast communication between the two AS/400s, assuring that there is no break in communications and all data remains intact.

“Movex 7X24 has already been installed by 25 of our existing customers,” says Bjorn Oxe, Intentia’s marketing director of hardware platforms. “And we expect more to move to 24X7 high availability for their Movex Enterprise Applications.”

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