Fiorina at Comdex: It's A New Deal

In her opening keynote presentation Carly Fiorina, HP's CEO and president, provided the Comdex hordes (and ostensibly the industry-at-large)with her message: preservation and invention. Fiorina clearly is interested in preserving what's best about HP's culture while firing up the engines of invention inside of HP. She also introduced HP's new $200 million global ad campaign, complete with newly stylized HP logo.

Fiorina told the audience that she spenther first 90 days on the job at HP Labs, where HP's basic and applied research is conducted. She noted that Joel Birnbaum, HP Labs guru, was talking about "pervasive computing" 15 years ago. And that Fiorina was confident that HP's people could make the Internet work for everyone, "because we live at the intersection of [E-]services, appliances, infrastructure."

E-services, of course, is the linchpin of HP's new strategy to add value by "wrapping services around products." The E-speak code is being offered to developers this December 8 via the net at Last but not least, Fiorina mentioned that HP is also a digital imaging company. She noted that "HP has more color experts than Kodak." And that there were over 130 million HP printers installed worldwide.

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