A New Version Of VirtualVault

HP announced version 4.0 of its Praesidium VirtualVault software.Based on a trusted, military-grade version of HP-UX1 11.x, VirtualVault 4.0 provides a number of optional features including MirrorDisk/UX for the VirtualVault Operating System (VVOS), which protects data and improves Web-server uptime, maintaining up to three copies of data on separate disks. The BMC Software PATROL SafePassage for Virtual Vault option streamlines e-security installation, improving reliability, scalability and security administration with Web applications running on standard http servers from HP, Sun, IBM, Compaq and other vendors. VirtualVault 4.0 runs on HP's new A-, R-, L- and N-Class servers, as well as earlier-generation HP servers.

VirtualVault 4.0 software licenses start at an entry-level price of $17,500. VirtualVault 4.0 and the new MirrorDisk/UX and BMC Software PATROL SafePassage for VirtualVault options can be ordered now, and initial deliveries are scheduled for December. Free upgrades are available to existing HP VirtualVault customers with current support contracts.

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