No Quiet on Farabi’s HostFront

Jim Martin

Farabi Technology Corp. (Montreal) has released HostFront 1.7 and HostFront Publishing 1.7.

HostFront allows enterprises to extend host access to their user base while leveraging existing investments in legacy mainframe and AS/400 applications. Version 1.7 includes a GUI transform feature that allows users to transform the appearance and usability of a traditional green-screen terminal emulator into a Windows-like GUI.

“With HostFront 1.7, our customers now have a complete set of Web-based user interfaces to offer their employees, partners and clients,” says Charles Machalani, director of marketing at Farabi. “The list includes Java- and ActiveX-based terminal emulator clients, 3270/5250-to-HTML conversion, GUI-on-the-Fly conversion and HTML publishing. Essentially, HostFront 1.7 offers unparalleled choice and diversity.”

HostFront Publishing 1.7 allows users to revitalize their host interface from the ground up and streamline access to their host. It can be used to create a custom graphical user interface for Web-based host applications that reduce the number of screens that users have to navigate.

Both products are generally available.

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