PRINCE Software Partners with InCert

PRINCE Software has partnered with InCert Software for the marketing of TraceBack, a proactive MVS COBOL failure management tool that reduces application recovery time and costs. TraceBack operates in a production environment enabling users to "trace back" statement sequences in order to identify the root cause of application failures and minimize system downtime.

Through binary instrumentation, TraceBack monitors application execution and traces the exact sequence of statements leading up to application failure. By reviewing the trail, statement by statement, from the point of failure, users can analyze how and why the failure occurred. TraceBack will eliminate the need to replicate application failures in test environments in order to use standard debuggers to provide the required sequencing information.The reconciliation of programming errors, which lead to incorrect results (not just abends), is a potent tool in the testing/debugging arsenal of any programmer. Additionally, the ability to examine normal program flow can provide a valuable learning tool for new personnel needing to quickly familiarize themselves with an application.

For more information e-mail: or call at (800) 934-2022.

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