Hyperion and Ardent Team up

Jim Martin

Hyperion Solutions Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Ardent Software (Westboro, Mass.) are joining forces as the two companies announce that Ardent is developing a DataStage MetaBroker to facilitate meta data integration between Ardent’s DataStage Suite and Hyperion’s Essbase OLAP Server, which runs on the AS/400.

Through the partnership, Ardent’s DataStage MetaBroker for Hyperion Essbase will enhance analytical applications built on Hyperion Essbase in areas such as ERP, CRM and e-business.

“The partnership between Hyperion and Ardent will dramatically simplify and speed the deployment of analytical applications that leverage valuable data in ERP, CRM, e-business systems and data warehouses,” says Steve Fioretti, VP of marketing for Hyperion. ”The combination of Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Integration Server and Ardent’s MetaBroker will enrich Hyperion’s open analytical application platform with a best-of-breed solution for transforming data from these systems into actionable information.”

The meta data integration between DataStage Suite and Hyperion Essbase will enable organizations using both products to deploy analytical applications more quickly and turn operational data into information that supports strategic decision making.

“Forward-looking companies recognize that IT is a strategic asset, and that they are fueling the market for analytical applications such as those offered by Hyperion. By providing meta data integration with Hyperion Integration Server through a DataStage MetaBroker, we will jointly address the market need for scalable, enterprise OLAP solutions,” says Pete Fiore, VP and general manager, marketing operations and business development at Ardent Software.

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