New Software Deploys TCP/IP Over Twinax

Many AS/400 facilities are still wired for twinax cabling, providing a healthy demand for solutions that can move these sites to TCP/IP configurations. This fact is not lost upon Perle Systems (Toronto), which recently began shipping software that supports TCP/IP-based 5250 emulation over twinax connections.

Perle Affinity 5250 TCP/IP over Twinax software runs on the Perle Affinity Twinax adapters, IBM enhanced 5250 Twinax adapters, or any other IBM compatible enhanced 5250 Twinax adapter.

The software allows companies to deploy TCP/IP applications, such as Web browsers or e-mail, over an existing Twinax cabling system. Remote PC users connected to controllers that support IP over Twinax can use Perle 5250 TCP/IP software to access the same application. "This plays into the e-business access for AS/400 route that we're taking," says Sean O'Donovan, VP of worldwide marketing at Perle.

By giving remote PC users access to the applications, companies can deploy IP-enabled desktops locally or remotely without incurring the high cost of replace existing Twinax infrastructures. "In the past, companies deploying Twinax-connected PC workstations to access their midrange host resources needed to invest in a separate TCP/IP network to support the growing use of IP-based applications," says O'Donovan. "Affinity IP over Twinax software addresses customers' needs to seamlessly and cost-effectively support these IP-based applications from PCs connected to their existing Twinax cabling systems."

In other news, Perle unveiled its 594M remote controller, its alternative to the IBM 5240 Remote Controller. The 594M offers all host connectivity options available on the IBM 5494-EXT, including SDLC, X.25, X.21 and frame relay, according to O'Donovan. "Companies with small remote office population needed a low-cost controller solution that is easy to install, use, and maintain," says O'Donovan. "The Perle 594 provides these companies with the economical entry into IBM 5494 technology that they are looking for."

The 594M targets companies needing a low-cost solution for multiple, small AS/400 remote sites deploying leased lines or framed relay connections. It does not require Frame Relay Access Devices, and supports up to seven Twinax devices from one simple Twinax turret connection. "It's a low cost, highly compact controller designed to meet the needs of certain types of businesses," says O'Donovan. "With IBM pulling out of the networking division, we're in position to dominate the controller market, and that's what our goal is."

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