Praim Launches PRIMO Network Terminal for AS/400

Joanna Doyle

Praim, a global manufacturer of printer interfaces and connectivity solutions for enterprise systems, recently released PRIMO, a new network terminal tool designed to serve the thin-client computing market.

PRIMO is part of a new Praim initiative called Open NetComputing, which targets organizations relying on transaction-based applications with a framework based on Internet standards and collaborative services. PRIMO NTT300, an Ethernet network terminal designed primarily for the AS/400, is one of two new thin-clients--with PRIMO WBT100, a Windows-based terminal for multiuser Windows environments--introduced Dec. 6 as part of the Open NetComputing initiative. According to Praim, NTT300 is designed to fit into an organization’s new network-based IT infrastructure while maintaining security, centralized administration and low cost.

“NTT300 powers on with a sign-on screen just like a legacy terminal,” says Yves Blanchette, VP of Praim. “In the real world, a familiar terminal-like user interface coupled with a terminal-style keyboard means users are up and running quickly.”

Designed to reduce total cost of ownership for network computing environment ownership, the NTT300 offers a thin-client alternative to networked PCs and legacy terminals. The terminal features built-in TN5250E (soon TN3270E support) and a 122-key keyboard. NTT300 provides terminal connectivity with the IBM host through a character-based terminal which uses standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet cabling and TCP/IP protocol.

While NTT300 serves fixed-function terminals, it can be employed beyond that capacity. Adding MS Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Citrix’s Independent Architecture Protocol (ICA) support, NTT300 can also provide multisession and multiprotocol access to a Window NT Server environment running Windows Terminal Server (TSE) or Citrix MetaFrame.

“Even if the NTT300 is optimized to respond to specific and immediate business needs for fixed-function terminals, it is the only Ethernet terminal in its category to provide concurrent access to IBM business applications and other office applications running on multiuser Windows NT applications servers,” says Blanchette.

NTT300 and WBT100, which are bundled with either a 104-key PC, 104-key 5250/PC, 122-key 5250/PC and 122-key 5250 terminal keyboard, both start at $645. Additional information can be obtained at

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