TEC Offers Free Resource for IT Information

Joanna Doyle

A group of analysts with decades of IT and professional experience plan to use the Web to share their experience and expertise--for free. Technology Evaluation Center (TEC), comprised of former GartnerGroup and Arlingsoft Corp. executives, launched a Web site this month which makes TEC’s extensive research on numerous facets of the IT industry available to the public.

Woburn, Mass.-based TEC is a business intelligence research firm that provides free information resources and services designed to reduce the risks of technology decision-making. A major part of that effort is achieved through its Web site, www.technologyevaluation.com, where TEC research from vendor and products offerings to technology trends is posted free of charge. Through this service, the organization’s team of analysts hopes to build a community of technology professionals who are all dealing with and trying to resolve similar issues related to technology in business.

“With the launch of our online content and services, TEC embarks on its first step toward creating a destination for IT professionals in need of answers to complex technology questions,” says David Wright, CEO of TEC. “It is our belief that by intelligently leveraging the Internet as our prime distribution channel, and by offering our technology research notes free-of-charge, TEC will be able to provide objective advice to any technology professional.”

In addition to the free content offered on their site, TEC also offers strategic services for clients looking for advice on how to meet their business objectives while pursuing new technology initiatives. Two premium content business lines, Continuous Business Alignment (CBA) and Technology Evaluation Services (TES), are offered as off-line extensions to the Web site information. CBA is a process designed to help IT professionals implement and assess new technology in a way that complements their organization’s particular business objectives. TES combines TEC’s analyst evaluations with a comprehensive knowledge bank of vendor and product information.

Eventually, TEC executives say they plan to offer additional online research at a “nominal cost,” over and above the free content now available through the Web site.

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