Pfastship Worldwide Teams with Interlink Technologies

Joanna Doyle

Pfastship Worldwide Logistics Inc. (Irvine, Calif.), manufacturer of Pfastship-2000 shipment processing and confirmation software for AS/400, this week announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Interlink Technologies (Carollton, Texas) which will better facilitate warehouse management and shipment processing for customers.

Interlink’s WHSE-LINK real-time warehouse management software is used to monitor inventory accuracy from receiving through shipping, using cycle counting, put away, cross docking and picking functions. Pfastship-2000 features rate-shopping capabilities, international shipments processing and freight auditing, in addition to multi-carrier shipment processing and confirmation. It produces UCC128 retail compliance labels and helps reduce the problem of charge-backs to trading partners resulting from vendor non-compliance. Used in conjunction, the two products give companies the ability to integrate warehouse management and shipment processing, according to C.E. Cook, chairman and CEO of Pfastship Worldwide.

“Fully integrating WHSE-LINK and Pfastship-2000 shipment processing functionality helps our customers to automate and optimize their supply chain,” Cook said. “By combining our products, companies can reduce operational expenses while providing both their internal and external client with first class customer service.”

According to company officials, the strategic partnership will provide customers with increased inventory accuracy, productivity improvements, real-time shipment status reporting and advanced workflow automation.

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