UniComp to offer IBM Midrange Users a Bridge to Linux

Joanna Doyle

Unibol, a subsidiary of UniComp Inc. (Marietta, Ga.) has developed a new technology that will establish a bridge between IBM AS/400 and System/36 to the Linux operating system.

Since 1987, Unibol has developed products to assist companies in implementing solutions that allow for both the maintenance of existing applications and any transfer of important assets to new operating systems. Until now, Unibol products have allowed IBM System/36 and IBM AS/400 midrange applications to run on Windows NT or UNIX servers. Unibol now hopes to use extend their products’ capabilities to be compatible with the increasingly popular Linux operating system.

“Given Linux’s close compatibility with the UNIX operating system, we are able to utilize our proven expertise in building world-class UNIX solutions to build robust versions of products for this new market,” says Stephen A. Hafer, president and CEO of UniComp. “We view the Linux market as a significant growth opportunity for our Unibol product suite. We look forward to leveraging Unibol’s long-standing success and position in the midrange computer marketplace with the Linux offering.”

Unibol believes extending its software’s scope to include Linux will allow companies to utilize their existing IT and personnel investments, while maintaining their ability to adapt to rapid changes in business practice and advances in technology.

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