News and Shaman Corporation Align and Shaman Corporation have aligned to provide their customers with solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of corporate computer systems. This alliance combines automated desktop discovery and software reliability tools with automated technical eSupport solutions, which reduce TCO through call avoidance, immediate remote diagnosis and repair of desktop software problems. Enterprise Shaman extends's capabilities by finding software bugs and distributing software updates that affect each user's desktop, proactively increasing application reliability.

"As applications and systems continue to grow more complex, we are dedicated to providing scalable, cost-effective support for our employees and customers," says Nicholas Ondrejka, Director of Desktop Systems at Hambrecht & Quist. "Using complimentary technologies from and Shaman we are able to proactively solve many types of user problems and provide our support professionals with the content to understand when and why to update critical software across our enterprise."'s solution encompasses the entire support process of self-healing, self-service and assisted service. The eSupport infrastructure collects all of the information required to address a support request, identifies likely root causes and shares the information to all parties involved in the support process.

"Like, Shaman uses the Internet as a vehicle for accessing and sharing real-time diagnostic data and problem resolution," says President and CEO Radha Ramaswami Basu. "By integrating both's eSupport solution and Enterprise Shaman within a company, help desk professionals are able to solve a multitude of support problems immediately, and in real time via the Internet."

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