Lotus QuickPlace Adds AS/400 Support

Jim Martin

With its latest release, Lotus QuickPlace 1.02--a Web-based teamware application that enables non-technical professionals to instantly create an electronic shared workplace in support of tasks and projects--now includes AS/400 support.

Lotus QuickPlace gives authorized users Web browser access to the Internet or corporate intranet, allowing them to access the workspace to communicate, share, and manage and organize information, documents and schedules around any project or initiative.

AS/400 users have the option of running QuickPlace as an independent AS/400 application (without Domino) or adding it as an application on a Domino for AS/400 server.

Lotus QuickPlace 1.02 features several enhancements. They include: larger file attachment support--there is no longer a limit to the size of file attachments; improved editing capabilities--Netscape Navigator users can cut or paste plain text from another application and paste it into a QuickPlace page; and the ability to import more file types. QuickPlace now allows the user to import Microsoft PowerPoint 97 files, Microsoft Excel 97 files and Microsoft Word 97 and Word 2000 files.

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