MKS Enhances AS/400 Perl Scripting Capabilities

Jim Martin

Expanding its scripting language to meet the growing needs of e-business, Mortice Kern Systems, Inc. (MKS, Chicago) has announced a new AS/400 version of its MKS Perl solution.

A Web-based scripting language, MKS Perl allows AS/400 users to quickly create e-business applications that can be ported across multiple platforms in the enterprise or tailor existing applications. Perl is most commonly used to create Web Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications.

“Customers in distribution, manufacturing, financial services and other industries are embracing the Web for e-commerce and are looking to the AS/400e as the vehicle for back-office data and connection to the Internet,” says Bill Skowera, MKS VP of technology. “By supplying IBM with Perl for the AS/400e platform, in addition to MKS SDM, our market leading change management solution for this platform, MKS is playing a critical role in building out IBM’s e-business strategy, giving AS/400e developers one of the most scripting languages in software and essential tools for Web site construction.”

Originally created as a scripting language for Unix, MKS Perl is part of the MKS Toolkit product, and cannot be purchased as a separate component. Upon a request from IBM, MKS developed and ported an AS/400 version of Perl to IBM in 1997, who then integrated it into the AS/400. The newest version marks the first time MKS has enhanced the scripting languages for the AS/400 since the original version and comes on the heels of enhancements to AS/400’s Java and Domino support made earlier in the year.

“Our customers view Perl as a valuable addition to their Web application programming capabilities on AS/400. The AS/400 has evolved a great deal since the initial availability of Perl from MKS in 1997. We are pleased once again to call upon MKS to provide us with this critical technology as the latest level of Perl and using the latest built-in technologies of AS/400,” says Dick Kiscaden, AS/400 eBusiness solutions manager. “We view Perl as one of the enablers for e-business, allowing our customers to easily enhance their applications portfolio for conducting business over the Web.”

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