Cutter’s Y2K "On Call" Service

Cutter Consortium is offering a Year 2000 On-Call Crisis Management Service, available from December 30, 1999 through January 15, 2000 to answer questions and provide guidance and advice by telephone and/or e-mail.

Says Cutter Consortium Chairman Ed Yourdon, "Many companies have finished their remediation; they’ve completed testing, created contingency plans, and maybe even held ‘fire drills.’ If all goes well, they won’t experience any disruptions as December 31 becomes January 1. But if they do encounter any Year 2000-related problems — either with their own systems or as a result of others’ failures — Cutter Consortium is prepared to help manage the crisis."

Companies that sign up for the On-Call Service can speak with a single Senior Consultant for one or more hours, or contact several consultants to get input from each on his specific area of expertise.

For more information on Cutter Consortium’s Year 2000 On-Call Service, contact Laura St. Clair, Media Relations Manager, at (781) 641-0333 or

For more information, visit the Cutter Web site at

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