Candle Shines on B2B E-Business with New Computing Group

Jim Martin

Looking to further position itself for growth in the e-business marketplace, Candle Corp. (Los Angeles) has announced the formation of the E-Business Computing Group (EBG). This industry-specific business unit will focus exclusively on delivering solutions to accelerate business-to-business (B2B) e-business.

Candle’s EBG will leverage application response time and enterprise application integration synergies to deliver B2B e-business solutions. “B2B e-business is the core focus for EBG,” says Tony D’Errico, VP and group executive, E-Business Computing Group. “Our strength comes from synergies among our existing products and services. Our goal is to take our horizontal solutions and customize them into industry-specific solutions that enable users to gain a competitive edge in their e-business and accelerate the return on their investment.”

Candle’s EBG will be aligned around a series of vertical industries. The initial practices include: financial services, process and distribution, utilities and public sector. Other vertical industries will be added in the future.

“The E-Business Computing Group draws on our expertise in e-business assurance, enterprise application integration (EAI), systems architecture and consulting to deliver end-to-end solutions for accelerating B2B e-business,” says Aubrey Chernick, chairman and founder of Candle Corp.

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