Performance Navigator 3.1 Offers Free Graphs Subset

Joanna Doyle

Midrange Performance Group Inc. (MPG, Boulder, Colo.) has announced the release of Performance Navigator 3.1, the latest version of its graphical performance management, capacity planning and problem solving tool for AS/400.

Performance Navigator gives AS/400 users access to days, months or years of performance/capacity data stored on their system. Version 3.1 expands on the features of previous releases by offering a free subset of graphs included with the license. Included in the additional offering are CPU Utilization (by priority) and Disk Space Utilization graphs. As with the 100-plus graphs that are part of the Performance Navigator package--including Current Day Graphs, Average Day Graphs, and System Activity Reports--the free graphs are fully dynamic. Graphs allow users to zoom in or out to create a view or to cover any time interval. Each graph also offers dynamic linear regression analysis through adjustable trend lines.

The new Performance Navigator Professional Edition, which includes all the graph and report features of Standard Edition 3.1, also includes Capacity Planning functions for mapping to the AS/400 7xx series and older AS/400 models. The latest release introduces disk modeling that shows the effects on disk utilization when adding, deleting or upgrading DASD or Controllers. In addition, the newest version supports measurement and modeling capabilities that embrace the new logical partitioning (LPAR) capabilities of OS/400 V4R4.

Users can download Performance Navigator 3.1 from MPG’s Web site, Single-subscription pricing starts at $995 for the Standard Edition and $1,295 for the Professional Edition.

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