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HP’s E-Speak Developer’s Kit Now Available

HP’s E-speak open source code is now available over the Web at The developer’s kit includes core programming APIs, a programming tutorial, documentation and source code examples for the E-speak code. Beta versions of code and a developer’s kit were given to attendees of the November E-services Developer’s Conference.

HP is also developing a special, E-speak-based WAP developer’s kit that will enable mobile devices to rapidly create and launch mobile E-services and have access to the broadest-available array of partners as the mobile market continues to expand. The kit is scheduled to be available, free, on CD-ROM and a downloadable version, in January 2000.

HP and BEA to Integrate HP Changengine

HP and BEA Systems, Inc. announced they have agreed to integrate HP Changengine, a business-process-management system, with the BEA eLink suite of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. The integration is designed to provide out-of-the-box connectivity to Web and Java technology-based environments with minimal development, as well as highly scalable adapters that integrate IBM mainframe systems with other applications across SNA and TCP/IP environments.


HP VISUALIZE P600C, P650C And P700C Personal Workstations

The HP VISUALIZE P600C, P650C and P700C Personal Workstations use single or dual 600MHz, 650MHz or 700MHz Intel Pentium III CPUs with advanced transfer cache, 128MB to 768MB RAM, the Intel 440BX AGP chipset and a 100MHz front side bus; NFS Client and X-Server software; UNIX system command utilities and shell; up to 36GB internal disk, choice of CD, CD-RW or DVD; and HP TopTools 4.5, HP MaxiLife batteries and the HP UltraFlow cooling system.

The new HP VISUALIZE P-Class Personal Workstations are now available with estimated U.S. street prices beginning at $2,600.


HP Jornada 690 Debuts

The 133MHz HP Jornada 690 Handheld PC, an increased-capacity model of its Jornada 600 series of color Windows CE handheld PCs, contains 32MB of RAM, runs Windows CE Handheld PC Professional Edition software and displays up to 65,536 colors on a 6.5-inch screen. Also featured with the 1.1 pd. and 7.4-in.x3.7-in.x 1.3-in. system, is a docking solution and eight-hour battery life.

The HP Jornada 690 Handheld PC, is now available for an estimated U.S. street price of $999, is backed by a one-year limited warranty. The HP Jornada 680 will continue to be available for an estimated U.S. street price of $899.


HP and Sun Integrate OpenView IT/Operations and Sun Management Center

HP and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the integration of HP OpenView IT/Operations and Sun Management Center 2.1 (formerly Sun Enterprise SyMON). The integration capabilities are scheduled to be included with HP OpenView IT/Operations within the next 30 days. The integration capabilities will be incorporated into HP OpenView IT/Operations at no additional cost to the customer.

OpenView ManageX Event Manager Bundled with NetServer L Series

HP announced that HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager is shipping with every HP NetServer L Series system. It is also integrated with HP TopTools to provide comprehensive management of hardware and systems management. HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager provides this distributed one-to-many management capability for Windows NT servers and NetWare servers.

HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager is available immediately from the HP NetServer Web site. It will also be on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM shipped with every HP NetServer system.


New HP DLT Autoloader 818

HP introduced the HP DLT Autoloader 818, a new one-drive, eight-slot HP DLT Autoloader 818 that includes the new DLT 8000 series drives (up to 320GB native, depending on configuration) and faster sustained transfer rates (6MB/s native). This represents a 20 percent performance increase and 14 percent capacity increase over the HP DLT Autoloader 718. The HP SureStore DLT Autoloader 818 and HP SureStore E Autoloader 818 are available in standalone or rack-mount configurations and are compatible with leading HP-UX and NT server platforms.

Starting at $10,920, the autoloaders are expected to be available through OEMs and HP’s distribution channels worldwide.


HP’s Do-It-Yourself Y2K Kit

HP has been shipping "do-it-yourself" Year 2000 kits to its HP Connect accredited resellers across Europe. The kits, which will be delivered in CD format, have been developed for HP Channel Partners to help support customers who have not yet taken all the steps to address their Y2K technology issues. The CD contains the option of 29 languages, including all major European languages, including Russian, Japanese and Polish. The kit has been available, free of charge, since November 1, 1999.

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