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Bluestone Software Releases Visual-XML 1.1

Bluestone Software, Inc. announced the availability of Bluestone Visual-XML 1.1, a toolkit for building XML applications. Several key features include: the Transformation Engine that performs XML-to-XML document translations and DTD-to-DTD translations; Dynamic XSL Engine, a dynamic XSL engine using stylesheets to let companies distribute XML documents including Web phones, pagers, Palm Pilots, as well as PCs; ULF Console, a graphical interface to the Universal Listing Framework (ULF). As a Pure Java application, Bluestone Visual-XML runs on all Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) on virtually all platforms.

Bluestone Visual-XML 1.1 is now available through Bluestone, Intraware and Merisel for a suggested retail price of $99 per seat. Contact Bluestone Software Inc., Mount Laurel, N.J. at (609) 727-4600

Cache Now Available with Red Hat Linux

InterSystems Corp. announced that Cache‚ post-relational database software is now available off-the-shelf with Red Hat Linux. Cache for Linux is included on the application CD shipping with Red Hat Linux 6.1 It offers ultra-fast SQL and object-enabled architecture and delivers time-to-market technology for scalable Web applications.

Contact InterSystems Corp., Cambridge, Mass. (617) 621-0600

Contact Red Hat Inc., Durham, N.C. at (800) 454-5502

IBSS Delivers Synapse EAI+

Integrated Business Systems & Services, Inc. announced the delivery of Synapse EAI+, its open Enterprise Modeling tool. IBSS’ Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool provides companies with data mapping and message switching; and allows complete access to data from suppliers, distributors and customers across legacy, homegrown, or customized applications in addition to packaged front and back office applications. Synapse EAI+ is operation system and database independent.

Software licensing starts at $45,000 per site and includes two interfaces; additional interfaces are available at $15,000 each. An enterprise license is $1 million and includes an unlimited number of sites and interfaces.

Contact IBSS, Columbia, S.C. IBSS at (800) 553-1038

Level 8 Systems Enhances Seer*HPS 5.4.1

Level 8 Systems announced the availability of Seer*HPS 5.4.1, a new and enhanced version of the company’s Seer*HPS client-server application development environment. Important new features include Java eCommerce clients, EAI support, and a Windows 2000 user interface. The eCommerce enhancements give Seer*HPS the ability to generate Java Beans for thin-client applications and link them with business rules developed in the Seer*HPS environment and running on mainframes, UNIX, and AS/400 enterprise servers.

Seer*HPS 5.4.1 also offers an adapter for Level 8’s Geneva Integrator enterprise application integration (EAI) product that will now enable Geneva Integrator to integrate Seer*HPS-generated applications with other third party applications. Contact Level 8 Systems, Cary, N.C. at (800) 499-7337

StreamServe 2.3 Provides Support For XML

StreamServe 2.3 interfaces with SAP, Baan, Oracle, QAD and Intentia. Users will now be able to route business critical information from an enterprise application server directly to a customer, business partner or employee’s cellular phone or pager using the Short Message Service protocol.

StreamServe 2.3 features XMLOUT, supporting Microsoft’s BizTalk to enable businesses to choose the XML-based format, or schema, they want to use when sending information to its business partners. StreamServe 2.3 also contains a new module that enables IT managers to monitor StreamServe’s document formatting and distribution processes from the Web.

The software is being sold indirectly through StreamServe’s business partners and alliances and directly through StreamServe. Contact StreamServe Inc., Raleigh, N.C. at (919) 786-7300

Baan Unveils Baan Enterprise Solutions

The Baan Enterprise Solutions suite includes best in class software applications and leverages the new Baan OpenWorld Integration Framework: BaanERP 5.0c; Baan E-Enterprise for electronic procurement, collaboration and selling; BaanSCS Planner 2.0 and Order Promising 2.0 for operational planning and available; BaanSCS Scheduler 6.3 and Demand Planner 2.5.9; BaanFOS Sales 98.4; BaanBIS Data Navigator 2.5; and BaanDEM 5.2. The Baan Enterprise Solutions suite ties together business processes across multiple functional domains, enabling efullfillment within enterprise communities.

This integration is enabled by the Baan OpenWorld Integration Framework, which is based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Primary components of the Baan Enterprise Solutions suite and Baan OpenWorld Integration Framework are expected to become generally available during early 2000, with additional component releases in Q2, 2000.

Baan solutions are available through certified Baan reseller and systems integrator partners and ASP partners around the world, as well directly from Baan. Pricing information is available from Baan. Contact Baan Company, Herndon, Va. at (703) 471-8785.


Mindmaker Introduces DataScope 3.0

Mindmaker Inc. announced the release of DataScope 3.0 that allows managers, analysts, and scientists to easily understand hidden relationships in data and use the knowledge obtained to make more effective decisions. DataScope 3.0 provides hierarchical organization of data and drill-down technology allowing users to analyze data at different levels. The addition of the HTML export and HTTP server service make it possible for users to share information. The scheduled automatic re-import feature allows users to set up a self-running database watcher. DataScope will be distributed through OEM channels and partnerships with systems integrators and consulting companies and will be available in January 2000.

Contact Mindmaker Inc., San Jose, Calif. at (408) 467-9200

IntegrationWare Inc. Announces IntraBlocks 3.0

IntraBlocks 3.0 integrates Web servers, databases, and search engines from Microsoft, Netscape, Oracle, and IBM. IntraBlocks works with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange or other SMTP-compliant mail servers and offers single log-on access using both Microsoft Windows NT security domains and LDAP directory servers.

IntraBlocks can run on a single server or can be distributed across multiple servers to satisfy an entire enterprise. Users can easily access IntraBlocks within a corporate intranet or over the Internet through Application Service Providers (ASP).

IntraBlocks 3.0 is available directly from IntegrationWare and its partners. IntraBlocks 3.0 is licensed on a per user basis with pricing starting at $24,000 for 100 users. Contact IntegrationWare Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill. (847) 777-2323.


Red Hat Linux 6.1 Companion CD Includes CRYPTOAdmin

CRYPTOCard is shipping its CRYPTOAdmin 4.0 authentication server with Red Hat Inc.’s (Durham, N.C.) Red Hat Linux 6.1 application CD. CRYPTOKit, CRYPTOCard’s toolkit, is included and has an API for embedding an automated software token that "pops up" to make strong authentication easy to use. Also included are five software tokens and licenses for five RB-1 hardware tokens, which must be requested before June 30, 2000. Additional tokens can be purchased by contacting CRYPTOCard. CRYPTOCard tokens do not expire and need only be deployed once.

A free upgrade to strong authentication for ten users to start is currently available. There is no annual license or maintenance fee for either CRYPTOAdmin 4.0 or for CRYPTOCard tokens. Contact CRYPTOCard, Kanata, Ontario, Canada at (800) 307-7042.

Effnet Signs OEM-Agreement with ERA

Effnet Group AB has signed an OEM-agreement with Ericsson Radio Systems (ERA) to deliver firewall solutions from the FTC-series to Ericsson Radio’s IP-based local network solutions. Effnet’s products are based on its IP-technology, known as the Lule-algorithm, which improves the efficiency of routing lookups and firewall filtering. Contact Effnet Group, Boston, Mass. at (617) 834-6934.

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